[Foundation-l] Pissed off at en:Wikisource

Delirium delirium at hackish.org
Fri Mar 13 00:05:14 UTC 2009

Geoffrey Plourde wrote:
> We have traditionally allowed each community to set up its own principles. Meta level intervention in a project, barring blatant illegality, is unprecedented and would indicate a significant departure from our bottom up ideology. As administrators are appointed/elected volunteers serving according to project rules, rather than formal employees, it is impossible for there to be any illegality in dismissal. There is therefore a considerable precedent not to interfere, which would be detrimental to our ideological foundation. 

That's not really true at all--- *actual*, direct, overturning of local 
community decisions is rare, but meta- and foundation-level discussion 
of general principles and management issues, with a view towards 
encouraging change on specific wikis, is common and constitutes probably 
the majority of this list. For example, after the relicensing debate, 
probably the second-largest debate here is a lengthy "meta level 
intervention" in the English Wikipedia's handling of biographies of 
living people.


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