[Foundation-l] Attribution survey and licensing next steps

Michael Snow wikipedia at verizon.net
Mon Mar 9 04:53:00 UTC 2009

Erik Moeller wrote:
> 2009/3/7 Brian <Brian.Mingus at colorado.edu>:
>> Ultimately it does not seem reasonable to force the printing of a URL
>> on non-hypertext mediums.
> I still believe we ought to avoid explicit distinction between media
> forms because I think these distinctions are inherently fragile.
More importantly, I think they can become unjustly discriminatory. If we 
say we are making knowledge freely available, but then make the terms of 
that freedom more onerous offline than on, how free is that? 
Particularly when reliable internet access is already a sign of 
privilege and wealth. My sense is that people producing offline media 
don't complain much about being "forced" to provide URLs. Instead it's 
the people fully invested in the online world complaining when other 
media can't fully replicate the features of hypertext.

--Michael Snow

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