[Foundation-l] Request for your input: biographies of living people

Cary Bass cary at wikimedia.org
Tue Mar 3 18:12:56 UTC 2009

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Fred Bauder wrote:
>> I asked whether raising the notability bar would improve the
>> overall quality of BLPs. Do we have other ideas for preventative
>> measures?
> The start of a poor biography is good news coverage of some
> incident that occurred to a person, their 15 minutes of fame, or
> infamy. Any other information about the person is not available, at
> least not from any reliable published source. To avoid this would
> require exclusion of biographies regarding persons about whom
> information about their life, apart from an incident, is
> unavailable.
This would exclude a great deal of pornographic actresses and actors.
Which I don't think is a bad thing, in fact. I'm far from a prude,
but someone who is solely notable for appearing in a few pornographic
films seems to contradict what our policy is regarding other inclusion
categories; and these articles seem to have a higher-than-average
incident of compliant rate, notably when personal information begins
to appear on their articles.

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