[Foundation-l] Request for your input: biographies of living people

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> >>
> >> Back to BLP. Personally I think that the policies
> we have related to
> >> BLPs are enough, but maybe we should be put more
> resource in the
> >> inforcement of these policies. The meetings
> Philipp mentioned in Germany
> >> are a very good start point. Perhaps the
> foundation can help organize
> >> such OTRS-training-meetings in the US (because the
> lack of a US chapter)
> >> and other countries, just as a beginning. Later we
> maybe we can see how
> >> we can expand this to more regions and countries.
> We should also
> >> encourage more people to work and help on OTRS and
> give them due support.
> >>
> >> Ting
> >
> >
> Regarding putting more resources into enforcement of BLP
> policies, what
> resources are you talking about?  I have seen problems
> reported to the BLP
> and other noticeboards, with no response or inadequate
> responses from admins
> and editors.

One problem I encountered is that the BLP noticeboard on en.WP is regularly archived by date, whether or not a thread has been resolved.  I frankly don't do much work in this area, but I occasionally stumble across something and report it there.  The lack of feedback about whether the issue I reported was significant is discouraging. I imagine casual reporters who do not see the issues they report resolved nor get feedback on why the issues is not a concern simply stop making reports there. 

Birgitte SB


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