[Foundation-l] Request for your input: biographies of living people

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Tue Mar 3 07:51:12 UTC 2009

Geoffrey Plourde wrote:
> Would Polish police really expend the time to round up and charge every single Polish editor? I don't think so. The Foundation would most likely reject any demands for information, barring the successful prosecution of quite a few Polish editors. Also, convincing a judge not to throw the cases out would be problematic. When you add in all the bad publicity, it is highly unlikely that the Polish police will bother with this matter.

This response suffers from being so deeply practical.  We do ourselves 
harm when we assume that the mere suggestion of a prosecution will cause 
us to shiver in the corner.  Once we have fairly reviewed the 
circumstances we need to make room for the response, "Make my day!"


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