[Foundation-l] Request for your input: biographies of living people

Ting Chen wing.philopp at gmx.de
Tue Mar 3 07:25:54 UTC 2009

Sue Gardner wrote:
> 1)  If we're imagining a continuum with smaller/higher-quality/restrictive
> at one end, and larger/variable-in-quality/permissive at the other .... I am
> curious to know where the other language versions situate themselves.  I am
> assuming that (with some exceptions) they cluster closer to the English
> model than the German, but I am just guessing.  Do they?

yes I think the english and the german wikipedias are two models and 
examples that are often used for the other language versions. I remember 
the talk from Harel in Taipei about the Hebrew Wikipedia and had the 
impression that they orient themselves more on the german model. 
Personally I believe that if German is more bigger language it this 
model would be used more often.

On zh-wp we had lots of discussions about using english model or the 
german model. At the end the english model won, mainly because people 
simply began to translate the english policies into chinese and other 
people orient themselves on these policies. I myself tend to support the 
english model because I think the german model is more oriented to the 
classic papel encyclopedias and discourage a lot of volunteers and also 
unneccessarily constrain themselves from the more possibilities that a 
online massive cooperative project offer. You remember my presentation 
in Alexandria.

Back to BLP. Personally I think that the policies we have related to 
BLPs are enough, but maybe we should be put more resource in the 
inforcement of these policies. The meetings Philipp mentioned in Germany 
are a very good start point. Perhaps the foundation can help organize 
such OTRS-training-meetings in the US (because the lack of a US chapter) 
and other countries, just as a beginning. Later we maybe we can see how 
we can expand this to more regions and countries. We should also 
encourage more people to work and help on OTRS and give them due support.


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