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Is Cla68 on moderation or is the "Judd Bagley" keyword(s)?


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> If you aren't familiar with the history behind this episode, Judd
> Bagley was banned from en.Wikipedia for trying to out a financial
> journalist who had created several user accounts in Wikipedia to
> promote naked short selling.  Partly as a result of his experience,
> Bagley has created a presentation which he gave recently to a class of
> business students at the University of Texas.  The presentation is
> here - http://antisocialmedia.net/lecture1/player.html.
> The first part of the presentation concerns the efforts by several
> individuals in the finance industry to manipulate the Internet to
> promote naked short selling (NSS).  Starting on slide 52, Bagley
> describes an attempt by one of the NSS proponents to use Wikipedia as
> a promotional tool for himself as well as for NSS.  Bagley then
> describes what happened when he attempted to intervene.
> I believe that personally hearing Bagley's experiences and lessons
> learned would be of benefit for the WMF.  I suggest that the WMF
> consider inviting Bagley to give his presentation to WMF's staff and
> boardmembers.  I believe that Bagley's contact information is
> available on his website- http://antisocialmedia.net/.
> Charles Ainsworth (Cla68 on en.Wikipedia)
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