[Foundation-l] Request for your input: biographies of living people

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I have some experience with customer service and was willing to serve as OTRS volunteer, but was rejected. The number of rejections I have witnessed is really shooting OTRS in the foot.

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I normally spend my wikitime on writing articles, and generally avoid
wikidrama.  When I run into a BLP problem, if I'm uninvolved enough then I
can deal with it myself.  Sometimes, I am sufficiently involved and cannot
be directly involved in resolving BLP problems and take admin actions
myself.  That said, I've been around Wikipedia for a long while, and know
where to go to report a BLP problem and request assistance.

For many many months, I was observing blatant BLP violations and other
serious issues with the William Rodriguez article, but was not in a position
to take admin actions nor cleanup the article myself.  The article was
reported numerous times on ANI, checkuser/sockpuppets pages, the BLP
noticeboard, and arbcom enforcement, only for the reports to be mostly
ignored until last week when more drastic attention grabbing steps were
taken.   Contacting arbcom via e-mail was also not helpful.  The article is
still in serious need of cleanup, to bring it in compliance with the BLP

Why are reports about BLP and other serious problems being ignored?  Is this
commonly the case that BLP reports and other serious problems are
disregarded? I do see a fair bit of noise and drama on the admin
noticeboards, but the number of admins effectively dealing with problems
seems insufficient.   My experience with OTRS is that they insufficiently
deal with problems, perhaps also due to lack of manpower on the queues and
shortage of people willing to take on tough cases.

Dealing with BLP and other such serious problems can be very time consuming,
yet is a thankless task.  It's a task that I'm not well-suited for, nor have
the time available to help with.  I'm not sure how to get more admins and
editors involved in dealing with BLP reports?  Also, the Wikipedia community
and the foundation needs to be more supportive of those admins/editors who
do step up and do a good job in handling these problems.

Anyway, the inaction of my BLP reports really frustrated me to the point
where I was thinking of giving up on Wikipedia.  I still don't have interest
in doing much Wikipedia editing right now, though maybe after a few weeks
(or maybe a month or two) of wikibreak, I will be back to editing more.


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