[Foundation-l] Wikizine at foundaiton-l?

Walter Vermeir walter at wikipedia.be
Mon Jun 29 21:54:39 UTC 2009

Bence Damokos schreef:
> It's a magnificent idea in my opinion, as well. Just make sure, please, that
> you include a prominent unsubscribe link in the first couple of issues, so
> those who are subscribers of this list as well as Wikizine can unsubscribe
> the duplicate copy.
> Best,
> Bence

All postings to Foundation-l include by default unsubscribe information 
in the footer to unsubscribe from Foundation-l. So does the Wikizine 
mailing lists postings to unsubscribe from those.

General RE;

Anyone who has problems to unsubscribe can also ask by means of the 
admin email address / feedback channels that are provided. Please do not 
to that on the list itself.

To what you subscribe is your own choice of course. But it can be useful 
to stay subscribed to EN Wikizine directly. It depends what your reader 
profile is.

In any case if EN Wikizine can be posted on Foundation-l it increases 
the exposure to it. What will result, I strongly hope, in deeper 
penetration in the non-English language projects and feedback increase 
in general.


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