[Foundation-l] "antisocial production"

Tisza Gergő gtisza at gmail.com
Sun Jun 28 18:52:11 UTC 2009

Eddie Tejeda <eddie at ...> writes:

> 'Forget altruism. Misanthropy and egotism are the fuel of online social
> production. That's the conclusion suggested by a new study of the character
> traits of the contributors to Wikipedia. A team of Israeli research
> psychologists gave personality tests to 69 Wikipedians and 70
> non-Wikipedians. They discovered that, as New Scientist puts
> Wikipedians are generally "grumpy," "disagreeable," and "closed to new
> ideas."'
> http://www.roughtype.com/archives/2009/06/the_sour_wikipe.php
> I wonder how the mailing list will react....

This is old news, the Signpost covered the research sometime January.
Methodologically it is not much worth: it was based on an online questionnaire,
so there is no way to tell which segment (if any) of the he.wiki community it is
representative of.

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