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Anyone able to help with this?

(Durova's been doing a lot of restoration work on Commons. There has
also been discussion on wikien-l about crediting restorers - there's
frequently no copyright obligation to credit restorers, but doing so
is (a) polite (b) more accurate sourcing (c) encourages more good
restorations on Commons. Ideas for workable restorer crediting

- d.

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Hi all,

Have been working on coaxing the return of a talented editor by the name of
Shoemaker's Holiday--who is by far WMF's most skilled volunteer at restoring
historic etchings.  Turns out he's been working on an important project:
perhaps someone can help obtain source material.

The subject is Paul Revere's engraving of the Boston Massacre:


As you can see, both of the Library of Congress copies are missing sections
of data due to damage.  If we can obtain a high resolution scan from a third
copy of this etching, it will become possible to assemble a composite of the
complete engraving.

(For Wikimedians who aren't US-Based, the Boston Massacre was a key event
that preceded the American Revolution.  Paul Revere's famous depiction
helped spread dissatisfaction with colonial rule).

What we're looking for are editors who to interface with historic societies
or libraries that own an original copy of the engraving.  Particularly
within Boston or Massachusetts, although copies probably exist across
various locations in the eastern United States.  We're looking to obtain an
uncompressed scan of the document on the order of 25MB-100MB.  Source credit
will be provided to the institution, of course, and the final work might be
selected to run on Wikipedia's main page.

Please contact me if you can assist or provide contacts.


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