[Foundation-l] Info/Law blog: Using Wikisource as an Alternative Open Access Repository for Legal Scholarship

Nikola Smolenski smolensk at eunet.yu
Sun Jun 21 07:11:46 UTC 2009

Дана Saturday 20 June 2009 18:29:24 Brian написа:
> This has reminded me to complain about Google Books. Google has the world's
> best OCR (in virtue of having the largest OCR'able dataset) and also has a
> mission to scan in all the public domain books they can get their hand on.
> They recently updated their interface to, as they put it, "make it easier
> to find our plain text versions of public domain books. If a book is
> available in full view, you can click the 'Plain text' button in the
> toolbar." Unfortunately the only way I've found to download the full text
> of a public domain book from Google is to flip through the book a page at a
> time, copying the text to your clipboard.

Often, these books are available in the Million Books Project too.

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