[Foundation-l] Wikimedia Commons: Service project or not?

Huib Laurens Abigor at forgotten-beauty.com
Tue Jun 16 17:35:10 UTC 2009

effe iets anders schreef:
> Hi Huib,
> yes, that seems to be an accurate description of the current situation.
> However, what would you /want/ it to be, and /why/ ? :)
> Thanks,
> eia
> 2009/6/16 Huib Laurens <Abigor at forgotten-beauty.com>


I would want it to be a independent project thats optimized for giving 
extra service to other projects. I have a few reasons for it,

1> I think when Commons would be only a service project we will get 700+ 
Wikimedia projects that wants to say a little bit about the policies on 
Commons, and that will not be good for Commons nor the other projects.  
When we say its a independent project it will mean Commons can make his 
own policies.

2> Commons is not ready to be a service project to replace local 
uploads, translations aren't good enough and there a not enough 
administrators to give enough service to all language projects.

3> If we make Commons a service project we will end up with users 
getting blocked because the are blocked on other wiki's. A independent 
Commons can be a safe harbour for users blocked from other projects to 
make a fresh start. (It happened it the past).

I believe if Commons is a service project we need to change a lot of 
things in a short time with a lot of people involved, A independent 
Commons still have to deal with the same problems, but the community can 
work on it without the need of extra interference.


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