[Foundation-l] Wikipedia tracks user behaviour via third party companies #2

Tisza Gergő gtisza at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 21:58:12 UTC 2009

Michael Snow <wikipedia at ...> writes:
> As I understand it, nobody is arguing that it's considered acceptable at 
> this point. People involved in the Hungarian Wikipedia have been 
> explaining the background, trying to establish that they shouldn't be 
> blamed for having this in place. That's understandable as well, and I 
> have no interest in seeing blame attached to anyone here. Let's just 
> make sure these external trackers are removed, and that we work on our 
> internal resources to collect information in a way consistent with the 
> privacy policy.

I do argue that it is not in violation of the privacy policy (whether the people
here find it acceptable is another question). The privacy policy and the
nonpublic access policy together place a very clear limit on the distribution of
personally identifiable data: it can never be passed to anyone who has not
identified himself to the WMF. We respected that limit; and I don't see any
stricter one in the policy. (I don't think it would be even reasonable to have
one; Simetrical already gave the arguments I intended to use.)

At any rate, the tracker has already been disabled by Domas, and obviously we
don't intend to switch it back without reaching consensus here.

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