[Foundation-l] Wikipedia tracks user behaviour via third party companies #2

Michael Snow wikipedia at verizon.net
Fri Jun 5 21:22:16 UTC 2009

Mark (Markie) wrote:
> I still fail to see how, at this point (not before when there was no policy)
> this can be considered to be acceptable.
As I understand it, nobody is arguing that it's considered acceptable at 
this point. People involved in the Hungarian Wikipedia have been 
explaining the background, trying to establish that they shouldn't be 
blamed for having this in place. That's understandable as well, and I 
have no interest in seeing blame attached to anyone here. Let's just 
make sure these external trackers are removed, and that we work on our 
internal resources to collect information in a way consistent with the 
privacy policy.

--Michael Snow

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