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Mon Jan 19 21:31:31 UTC 2009

> However, printers are generally slow devices (30 pages per minute is 
> considered fast; and many inexpensive consumer printers are far
> slower than that), and the cost per page is actually relatively high.

That's 0.5 pages per second.
Let's assume out printer is able to print a page per second.

Suppose that on each page we can print 120 lines, with 200 characters
per line.
Thus we can store 24000 bytes per page and each second save 24000 bytes
from oblivion.
eswiki-20090504-pages-meta-current is 4.721.723.604 bytes.
So it would take 196738,4835 seconds to print them with such
configuration. 2 days, 6 hours 39 minutes.

Doable in terms of time, specially if the printer is faster.
You would still need 196.739 sheets, though.
And they would weight 983 kg!

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