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David Moran fordmadoxfraud at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 01:50:32 UTC 2009

"Commons is meant to be a collection of freely-licensed media, not a dumping
ground for all media that happens to be free."

What's the difference?


On 1/29/09, Marcus Buck <me at marcusbuck.org> wrote:
> Two comments:
> Thomas Dalton hett schreven:
> > Topless sunbathing is a legitimate topic for discussion and it
> > usefully illustrate by such a photo. So that rates pretty highly on
> > "utility". I think it rates pretty low of "potential for harm" since
> > the subjects aren't identified and they chose to sunbathe topless on a
> > public beach. A photo where we have the subjects' permissions would be
> > better, but I don't see how we could be sure of that (any kind of
> > posing would ruin the photo - it would turn it from topless sunbathing
> > to glamour modelling, a completely different topic). So I think this
> > photo is appropriate.
> >
> The subjects aren't identified, but they are identifiable. They indeed
> chose to sunbathe topless on a public beach, but being naked is a very
> context-sensitive thing. A public beach is public, but it is still
> unlikely, that you will be seen by people you know. That's very
> different from being on the internets.
> > It also rates
> > low on "potential for harm" since it is almost impossible to identify
> > the subject (it rates slightly higher due to being accidental, albeit
> > reckless, rather than intentional as the sunbathing was, but that is
> > overruled by the fact that you can't identify the subject).
> "almost impossible to identify"... If I would know that girl, I would
> recognize her. You don't need to see a face to recognize somebody you
> know. This image is indeed harmless, it's just a little flick of slip.
> Embarassing, but not the "humiliating" kind of embarassing, but more the
> "oops" kind. But we have other ones on our projects, that are more harmful.
> Marcus Buck
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