[Foundation-l] Wikia leasing office space to WMF

Nathan nawrich at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 15:51:21 UTC 2009

*Kohser wrote:

I might be able to give a better answer if you could tell us whether
it is Taco Stand A or it is Taco Stand B in your analogy that is the
non-profit charity, funded with tax-deductible dollars, whose donors
probably fully expected that their money would NOT be used to pay rent
to the other, decidedly *for-profit* taco stand.*


Wow, really? Personally, I had no expectation that the Foundation would
to do business with for profit entities when I made my donation. If they
need more
space, then they will probably have to pay to rent it (not paying presents
more serious problems, I'm sure you'd agree).  Favoring a non-profit
makes no sense to me. All the other reasons cited in this thread for
favoring an average bid from Wikia over others apply. I do know that some
posters to this list have a strong aversion to anything that makes money,
but that sort of fanaticism is safely ignored.

Also, the Foundation has a lawyer. You are not a lawyer. It would be an
error to take your legal analysis as authoritative.


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