[Foundation-l] Re-licensing

Nikola Smolenski smolensk at eunet.yu
Thu Jan 22 19:49:35 UTC 2009

On Thursday 22 January 2009 19:52:28 Thomas Dalton wrote:
> > Requirement would be to give credit via the credit URL, and by mentioning
> > the principal authors listed at that URL. What authors will be listed at
> > that URL is something that we may change at our leisure: for example,
> > this may be the proposed list of five authors, or none if more than five;
> > or it may be a list of authors that is no longer than 1% of the length of
> > the article, or none of longer; or, when appropriate software is
> > developed, the list of principal authors as recognised by the software;
> > it may even differ from project to project, for example Wikisource may
> > choose to credit the authors manually (it is already doing something
> > similar); and so on and so forth.
> Any system other than crediting everyone or crediting no one requires
> choosing people. How do you propose that to be done? And why doesn't
> the person that contributed the 6th most text (say) not deserve to be
> credited for their work?

I don't agree with that; I do believe that every author with significant 
(copyrightable) contribution should be credited.

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