[Foundation-l] Board resolutions (chapters)

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Wed Jan 21 20:50:10 UTC 2009

Florence Devouard wrote:

> The confusion mostly came from the fact I had absolutely not 
> understood that chapters at the national level, or chapter at 
> any other level would have exactly the same rights and roles 
> than the currently existing chapters.

I'm confused by your description of chapters as a tool for "having 
rights" or "having roles". I'm also skeptic to the chapters voting 
for board members of the foundation. That is a privilege that I 
never asked for.  (This is just my personal view.)

For me, a chapter is a tool to achieve things locally that I can't 
achieve as an individual Wikipedia contributor (because they 
require cooperation and money), and which the central organization 
of the Foundation wouldn't do in my local area (because they are 
local), such as organizing the Wikipedia Academy.  That's all a 
chapter is to me.  And for this, both Wikimedia Sverige and 
Wikimedia New York City seem to be of the appropriate size.

Coming from a small European country, I also fear that if 
Europeans insist that the U.S. should only have a single 
nation-wide chapter, some Americans might insist that the European 
Union should only be allowed one single chapter.  I wouldn't like 
that. And I will protest against any plan to formalize the bond 
between European chapters.  I want each chapter to communicate 
directly with the Foundation, instead of going through some EU 
level intermediary.  Again, this is my personal view.

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