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Gerard Meijssen gerard.meijssen at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 19:37:02 UTC 2009

This change for Estonian is not special. It has happened before where other
codes changed their meaning and became a "macro language". German (de) is a
completely different type of language, in several ways it is more like
Italian. I do not understand where you got this "standard Estonian" from, it
has always been "Estonian" and did not have any qualifiers. nl is Dutch not
standard Dutch and en is English not standard English. I also fail to
understand why ISO-639-1 had only "standard" languages.. what do you mean by
a standard language?

It is nice that you oppose, there are reasons why it might be a bad idea,
but the ones that I know are not the ones you put forward. A reason why a
change would be good is that it will prevent confusion. Hierarchically ekk
and vro are on the same level and et is on a higher level.

2009/1/21 Marcus Buck <me at marcusbuck.org>

> I am happy, that Voro got its own code and I fully support to move
> 'fiu-vro' to 'vro'. But I think this also demonstrates, that ISO is to
> some degree out of touch with reality or at least quite inconsistent
> with its codes.
> Why did they declare 'et' to be synonymous to the macrolanguage? 'et'
> was always intended to mean 'Standard Estonian' in earlier revisions of
> ISO 639 (cause ISO 639 was created in a time when non-standard languages
> and minorities did not or were not supposed to produce books [and the
> internet wasn't invented]. There was no need for codes other than
> standard languages). 'de' for example is synonymous to 'deu' (Standard
> German), although there are several codes like 'bar', 'gsw' or 'ksh'
> that would fit under the roof of a 'de' macrolanguage just in the same
> way as 'vro' fits under the roof of an 'et' macrolanguage. But they are
> handled differently nonetheless.
> I oppose to move et.wikipedia to ekk.wikipedia and I think this would be
> a really bad service to the et.wikipedia community.
> Marcus Buck
> Gerard Meijssen hett schreven:
> > Hoi,
> > Congratulations.
> >
> > As a consequence of the recognition of the Võro language, the Estonian
> > language with the codes est and et has been made a macro language. This
> > macro language contains two languages, Võro and Standard Estonian.
> Standard
> > Estonian has the code of ekk.
> >
> > It is appropriate to rename the et.wikipedia.org as a consequence.
> > Thanks,
> >       GerardM
> >
> > http://www.sil.org/iso639-3/documentation.asp?id=est
> >
> > 2009/1/21 Jüvä Sullõv <juvasul at ut.ee>
> >
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