[Foundation-l] Wikipedia Attribution and Relicensing

Delirium delirium at hackish.org
Sat Jan 17 01:50:48 UTC 2009

Jussi-Ville Heiskanen wrote:
> Erik Moeller wrote:
>> * For pictures, sound files, etc., there is often just a single
>> author. 
> This is of course very far from the truth. If you did
> create the media file from your very own brain-pan,
> yes, this would be accurate, but to say that that this
> is "often" the case, is somewhat quizzical to say the
> least.

I can see that for music---there's often songwriting, performance, etc. 
copyrights. But for photographs I would think it's not only "often" the 
case, but "usually" the case, that there is a single author, the 
photographer. The only common exceptions I can think of are photographs 
of copyrighted works, which have the copyright of the work being 
photographed attached to them also. There's also the relatively rare 
case of derivative works of free-licensed photographs, where the editing 
is creative enough to qualify for an independent copyright (i.e. not 
just resizing or applying a Photoshop filter).


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