[Foundation-l] foundation-l Digest, Vol 58, Issue 39

Mike Godwin mgodwin at wikimedia.org
Sat Jan 10 21:02:13 UTC 2009

James Rigg writes:

> I'm not questioning here whether or not there are good reasons for
> sometimes being non-transparent and hierarchical, I'm just saying that
> it's interesting that, contrary to its founding ideals, and probably
> also to how many people think, or like to think, Wikipedia is run, it
> is not run in a fully transparent and non-hierarchical way.

Similarly, lots of people use the term "freedom of speech" but are  
unwilling to allow other people the freedom to perjure themselves in  
court proceedings, commit libel, or conspire to commit a crime. These  
means those hypocrites are misusing the term "freedom of speech" of  
course. Very dishonest or them, or at least disingenuous.


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