[Foundation-l] Historical pictures? Search by the German name

Ziko van Dijk zvandijk at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 7 21:31:56 UTC 2009

It seems that the pictures from German Federal Archive have been detected by
the search engine of Wikimedia Commons. So now you can find more easily
pictures that have not been categorized by now. Every picture has an
original description in German.

To find pictures from the history of your country, I suggest searching
simply by the German name of the country (with "Search", not "Go"). I have
tried out some (sometimes adding "Bundesarchiv" to the search), and nearly
always I got some pics of politicians from that country visiting Germany, or
vice versa, or German soldiers in WWI or II, or a picture of a head of state
for a German magazine etc. Or you can search the name of a person; so I
could just add a picture to [[nl:Bernhard van Lippe-Biesterfeld]].


Ziko van Dijk

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