[Foundation-l] Don't know how linked we still are with wikia...

Dan Rosenthal swatjester at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 01:10:18 UTC 2009

I don't think this is entirely accurate. For instance, there was the  
annual report several months ago noting that we had shared some office  
space with them. That was relevant to this list.

On Jan 4, 2009, at 7:53 PM, Tim Starling wrote:

> Brock Weller wrote:
>> Don't know how linked we still are with wikia...
> What do you mean "still"? Wikimedia has never been linked with Wikia  
> to
> the extent where this topic might be relevant on foundation-l. It's no
> more relevant than Wikitravel, Jimmy's objectivist mailing lists or
> Answers.com.
> What Wikimedia's volunteers do outside of Wikimedia is their own  
> business.
> -- Tim Starling
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