[Foundation-l] Ombudsman commission

Michael Snow wikipedia at verizon.net
Fri Jan 2 16:33:24 UTC 2009

Nathan wrote:
> >From your comments, Michael, can we infer that you are considering making
> the monitoring and enforcement of the privacy policy, and the subpolicy
> [[m:checkuser]], a staff responsibility?
I suppose that's one possibility, but not one I was particularly focused 
on. Mike Godwin, to pick a possible candidate, already has more than 
enough work to do.

Rather, the point is that there's a sense the ombudsman commission, as 
currently constituted, has not been a fully satisfactory answer to the 
potential scope of issues. Now one reaction might simply be a change in 
personnel, but I think this is an appropriate point to reconsider the 
structure as well.

What system would work best for us here? Should it remain a committee? 
Another common approach is to have one person designated with that 
responsibility. In places where demand is large enough, the ombudsman 
might be an office or department, with support staff handling delegated 
assignments, and the Ombudsman ultimately in charge at its head. If we 
go with a designated person, that person might or might not be staff. 
Another possibility, with either the committee or designee approaches, 
is to "contract" this out to some other organization. If so, who? This 
is the kind of analysis I was inviting in my last message.

--Michael Snow

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