[Foundation-l] New version of the GFDL and non-Wikimedia wikis

Isaac Sánchez Barrera isb1009 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 12:22:38 UTC 2009

I've been browsing the list archive, meta and some talk pages on the 
English and Spanish Wikipedias to find more information about what's 
going to happen with the license of their contents. I think this subject 
should be more publicly available, especially for the administrators of 
Wikipedia-compatible wikis.

I started to build a Wikipedia-compatible (in license) wiki project a 
year ago and wanted to make it public this month, but with all this 
about the new version of the GFDL and the possible license update I 
don't know what to do; and I'm pretty sure many people are in the same 
situation as me.

So, what's going to happen and what should we do?


Isaac (Isb1009 on Wikimedia sites)

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