[Foundation-l] .YU domain transition

Nikola Smolenski smolensk at eunet.yu
Mon Feb 16 19:43:44 UTC 2009

I would like to draw Wikimedians' attention to the problem of expiring .yu top 
level domain.

As is known, .yu top level domain ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.yu ) is 
being replaced with .rs and .me TLDs. This means that all web pages under .yu 
domain will stop working, including all 46102 that are linked from various 
Wikimedia projects: some will stop as soon as March, while all will stop in 
October. This further means that readers of Wikimedia projects will not be 
able to access information that is now available to them, either if a domain 
is used as an external link or if it is used as an article reference. 
Especially the latter is very important since, with massive link loss, a 
large number of references could no longer be evaluated by the readers and 

To solve this problem, I have made a statistics of .yu domain use on Wikimedia 
projects ( http://toolserver.org/~nikola/yustats.tar.bz2 ) and, with its 
help, replaced at least the most common links on Serbian Wikipedia with their 
appropriate equivalents.

However, given that I am not able to do the same on other projects, I would 
like to attract attention of people who are willing to help and can do 
necessary botwork to fix as many soon-to-be broken links as possible. Please 
reply if you can help in any way or have any other advice. If you are a bot 
operator, you can do it easily with the standard pywikipediabot. Here is a 
sample command I used:

replace.py -weblink:webrzs.statserb.sr.gov.yu "webrzs.statserb.sr.gov.yu" "webrzs.stat.gov.rs"

==The domains==
This is a list of domains that are already search/replaced on Serbian 
Wikipedia. This list includes most of the most common domains and covered 
perhaps a quarter of all links (even while not counting 
webrzs.statserb.sr.gov.yu that was included via a few templates).


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