[Foundation-l] FW: [Wikinews-l] Increased incivility at wikinews [en] <warning: contains rant>

Marc Riddell michaeldavid86 at comcast.net
Thu Feb 5 14:32:11 UTC 2009

When will you people finally acknowledge that there is something terribly
wrong with the deteriorating level of discourse occurring in the Projects?
And this trend is certainly not confined to Wikinews. Take a good, objective
look at some of the dialogue occurring on the English Wikipedia. The
atmosphere is becoming angrier and more hostile by the day.

And, Erik, when I broached this subject in a private email conversation with
you, you never even acknowledged receipt of that email. What would you have
done if we were speaking to each other in person - stare at me in silence?
That, alone, speaks volumes.

Marc Riddell

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Subject: [Wikinews-l] Increased incivility at wikinews [en] <warning:
contains rant>

[I happened to stumble upon what appears to be an aftermath of an edit
war, and am quite disgusted by it. The following is basically a rant
about it, as I'm not really sure how best to bring it up]

I've recently noticed a marked increased in incivility between
contributors on Wikinews. I find this really disturbing as it is often
between admins who one would think know better. For example (And I'm
not trying to pick on anyone, these are just some random ones i came

*"But no, you've gotta be an asshole just like always"
*"A small amount of brain activity would lead to the presumption that
someone in my position knows what they're doing"
*"I suggest you get the fuck off your high horse or get the fuck out of
*"they are _MY_ comment sections and _I_ can write what ever the hell _I_

Now, I know I am taking these out of context, but to be blunt I don't
care if the context was responding to poop vandalism - It is
incredibly inappropriate for admins to say these things under any
circumstances. If these were new users making these comments, they
would have been blocked in the neighborhood of 2 weeks to a year,
maybe even indefinitely.

How can we really expect to recruit and retain new contributors, when
this is how the long time contributors are treated?


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