[Foundation-l] LiquidThreads almost ready for deployment

Teofilo teofilowiki at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 17:25:08 UTC 2009

"With the Foundation's support"

Is there a board resolution on this matter ? I think the question of
how we talk to each other is a question even more important than the
license problems. As there was a referendum on the license change, I
think there should be a referendum on the talk pages' software change.

"it's been used in a production context on the strategy wiki,"

This is an alternative wording for saying that the Strategy wiki's
users have been used as guinea pigs for software experiments without
their consent. Being treated as a guinea pig means in my case that my
computer freezes. I want apologies for this and that the software is
removed from the strategy wiki.

This software should be called "Liquidthreat" because it is a threat
to community life. For example the disparition of fixed tables of
contents and archiving numbers, preventing to memorize where a talk
page you have contributed to or enjoyed reading is located. For
example the "protecting individual discussion threads" feature which
is an invitation to censorship. For example the "summary" feature
which is an invitation to gross misinterpretations of other people's
opinions. For example the possibility to reactivate old talks from two
years ago, instead of linking to their location in their archive as a
reference and starting a new fresh talk, contributing to a prospect of
 never-ending "monster talks"...

The worst is probably the waste of screen space which prevents people
with a small screen to "understand" the structucture of the talks, and
to find quickly which message an answer is supposed to be answering,
and who is the last person who talked. Even finding the edit box in
the middle of a long page, playing with the vertical scroll bar, is
not easy.

Wiki talk pages are dense, and this enables to quickly discriminate
between what is important and what is not.

Wiki talk pages are easily turned into archives and can subsequently
be used as references.

Wiki talk pages as they are now are good. Don't kill them.

2009/12/16, Andrew Garrett <agarrett at wikimedia.org>:
> Hi all,
> With the Foundation's support, I've spent the last few months churning
> away at LiquidThreads [1], a new discussion system that is proposed for
> use on Wikimedia projects.
> LiquidThreads has been in alpha testing on Wikimedia Labs [2] for
> several months, and, more recently, it's been used in a production
> context on the strategy wiki, where it has been quite well-received.

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