[Foundation-l] Status of 2009 Fundraiser Survey

Gregory Kohs thekohser at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 20:35:26 UTC 2009

I am wondering if someone at the WMF (perhaps specifically Rand
Montoya) could give us an update on the status of the 2009 Fundraiser
Survey.  I inquired about this at the appropriate Talk page, but over
two weeks have passed without any reply:


Personally, I applied about four or five hours of my time working on
the sampling design and questionnaire content and construction for
this effort.  I realize that it is beyond hope that this will have
fielded before most of this year's fundraising efforts have been
executed (which is a shame, considering the "hurry up" timeline that
was in place back in July 2009), but now I wonder -- will this ever be
fielded?  My impression is that an inordinate amount of time was
dedicated to translating the survey into at least a handful of world
languages, which I advised against, being that I knew it was a huge
challenge to meet translation and proofreading needs before the annual
fundraiser commenced.

I hope it is realistic to at least field this survey in the Spring of
2010, so that its results may be analyzed and contribute to
modifications (both tactical and strategic) for the 2010 fundraiser.

Gregory Kohs

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