[Foundation-l] Board statement regarding biographies of living people

Gregory Kohs thekohser at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 19:09:20 UTC 2009

Am I on moderation?

On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 9:23 AM, Gregory Kohs <thekohser at gmail.com> wrote:

> Says Michael Snow:
> The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees urges the global Wikimedia
> community to uphold and strengthen our commitment to high-quality,
> accurate information
> ++++++
> So, the "community" is urged to do this work at the request of the Board,
> but the
> Board itself is going to do virtually nothing (other than this collection
> of words
> that urges the community to work harder) to strengthen the commitment to
> high-quality, accurate information.
> How many Board members were in attendance in Berlin, and what was the mean
> travel distance of the Board attendees for this excursion?
> --
> Gregory Kohs

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