[Foundation-l] South Korean Government's regulations on real name for Internet

Geoffrey Plourde geo.plrd at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 11 20:05:25 UTC 2009

While I may not be a lawyer, I believe that this system is a paper tiger. It is simply impossible for them to enforce it for many reasons. 

1. It is impossible for us to determine which users are from South Korea
2. It would be a privacy violation to deliver names and numbers of non Koreans to the Korean government to be vetted for criminal purposes
3. There exists no means by which they can enforce this law upon the Foundation. 

That being said, I urge the Foundation to check system architecture and work towards placing all personal information databases in a country with real protections, like the United States. This will prevent any future problems of this nature.

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RYU Cheol wrote:

> If we have to abide by, they will mention us on their list which 
> will be posted on their web site.

So in theory, this could happen to the English language Wikipedia 
(if enough many Koreans use it), not only the Korean language 
Wikipedia?  Of course the English language Wikipedia has many 
anonymous and pseudonymous users.  So how would the Korean 
authorities know which ones are Koreans and need to identify?

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