[Foundation-l] Compulsory policies for all Wikipedias

Ziko van Dijk zvandijk at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 9 19:03:28 UTC 2009

Hello Jaska,

Not as "compulsory", but as helping I once started
My idea was and is that it is difficult for small Wikipedias to translate or
adapt all of the pages of en.WP, that there should be a short list of short
pages necessary to start with.
Kind regards

2009/4/9 Jaska Zedlik <jz53zc at gmail.com>

> Hi!
> It is totally clear that all the Wikipedias must respect and follow
> some particular policies which are global for all the Wikipedias. The
> question is what are these policies?
> Each small Wikipedia doesn’t have all variety of policies and
> guidelines which major Wikipedias have, and—it’s obvious—some time or
> other they will need such a list of all-projects rules. What I found
> for now is
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:How_to_start_a_new_Wikipedia
> with the rules of copyright, license, NPOV and “What Wikipedia is
> not”, but this page “is obsolete or no longer maintained” (and there
> is even no rule of “Five pillars”). There is also page
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Founding_principles exists, but it
> seems to be relevant for all Wikimedia projects, not only Wikipedias
> (“Five pillars”, “What Wikipedia is not” are missed). There are some
> other pages exist, but they all are not relevant here as well.
> So, does an all-Wikipedias rules list exist, or if not, what are there
> global rules which all the Wikipedias must follow?
> And one more question. What is the general practice of who and how can
> decide whether something meets the (all-project) rules or not?
> (This message was also posted to Wikimedia Forum on Meta).
> Thanks,
> zedlik
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Ziko van Dijk

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