[Foundation-l] Court: Congress can't put public domain back into copyright

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> Aan u verzonden door GerardM via Google Reader: Court: Congress can't
> put public domain back into copyright via Ars Technica door
> nate at arstechnica.com (Nate Anderson) op 6-4-09
> In 1994, Congress jammed a batch of foreign books and movies back into
> the copyright closet. They had previously fallen into the public domain
> for a variety of technical reasons (the author hadn't renewed the
> rights with the US Copyright Office, the authors of older works hadn't
> included a copyright notice, etc.) and companies and individuals had
> already started reusing the newly public works. Did Congress have the
> right to put a stop to this activity by shoving the works back into
> copyright? On Friday, a federal court said no.
> "Traditional contours of copyright"
> 1994's Uruguay Round Agreements Act (URAA) brought US intellectual
> property law in line with that of other countries. Section 514 of URAA
> better aligned US copyright law with the international Berne
> Convention, one of the earliest international intellectual property
> treaties. Though Berne had first been signed back in 1886, the US
> hadn't joined up until a century later, in 1988.
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