[Foundation-l] Frieda Brioschi resigns from the Wikimedia Board of Trustees

Frieda Brioschi ubifrieda at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 17:23:42 UTC 2008

Dear all,
my delay in writing this email is one of the reason of my resignation.
I decided to step down from the board for essentially two kinds of
reasons: personal and related to the position.
Personal: since July 07 (when I was elected) I changed first city then
job, and my new job is very time consuming. I couldn't take part in
the last two "physical" board meetings (one was during Wikimania!) and
sometimes to IRC meeting too.
A small advise to future candidate: please consider that a 3 days
meeting often needs 2 additional days of travel..
Related to the position: I have the strong sensation that I spent a
lot of time in concluding nothing, as I wrote in my email to the
board, I was totally unable to find my dimension and a way to
cooperate with all the members.
I still don't know which is exactely the role of a WMF board member:
donation? budget? audit? I'm strongly interested in project, chapter..
perhaps I was unavalaible when these points were in discussion.

So.. I thought it was more honest leaving my seat to someone else.


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