[Foundation-l] Klassical Chinese

Ting Chen wing.philopp at gmx.de
Thu Sep 4 08:59:45 UTC 2008

Tim Starling wrote:
> Ting Chen wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> since its creation I wondered why this happend. Why is there a classical 
>> chinese Wikipedia? This language has no native speakers and is not used 
>> by any relitious or official institution as official language.
> Because at the time it was created, we had not yet given GerardM and his
> team of rules lawyers the power to decide all wiki creation issues. There
> was a sentiment that we as a community should make our own decisions on
> language issues, rather than to delegate it to some standards body who
> might not have similar interests at heart. And some people held the
> opinion that while language study and preservation is not our core
> mission, it'd be nice if it happened anyway, especially if there is no
> significant cost to the organisation.
> -- Tim Starling
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I totally agree with you on the issue of language conservation. Actually 
I had even thought about the possibility to use our wiki to do such 
things. I had read quite some articles for example on Scientific 
American about the problems of language conservation that the 
researchers are facing. And I think that wiki can be a technical way for 

But the classic chinese is another case. Classic chinese is a dead 
language, and to write about the modern Olympic games with such a 
language is simply original research. It has nothing to do with language 


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