[Foundation-l] Thank you (Re: Kudos for Walter!)

Waerth waerth at asianet.co.th
Sun Oct 5 01:27:58 UTC 2008

Walter I care to!

> Thank you everybody for your sign of appreciation.
> It is appreciated :)
> Wikizine did not turned out like I intended, hoped, it would evolve. My
> hope was to receive news from the many of the hundreds of language wikis
> and different projects. And to gather a stable group of core editors to
> work with on the newsletter.
> And so creating a very good newsletter at a stable rate with truly news
> from all the projects and languages.
> Wikizine does get reports from people of different languages and
> projects and assistance but those are very few and always from the same
> few people. I say explicitly thank you to those people.
> The translation projects of Wikizine are also very fragile.
> I am very well aware that Wikizine is not as good as it could, should
> be. Wikizine is more English language projects centric then I would like
> it to be. That comes mostly because due of the language barrier I have
> no direct access to most wikis.
> Also the news in Wikizine is often already old when it is discovered by
> me. That does not stop me from reporting it but it is not ideal. What
> also can be problematic for getting the best result is that I not always
> truly understand the topic I am reporting about.
> Despite this I am nevertheless very happy to make it to number 100 and
> also with this issue itself that I find is of an acceptable quality.
> In the last months I seriously doubted of I would be able to get there.
> And of if I made it to 100 of I would use it to end Wikizine at a nice
> round number.
> The problem is not a lack of time like Effeietsanders wrote, although
> that sounds better, but a decrease of interest. That comes mainly
> because I think; why am I doing this? Does anyone actually cares? And
> then again getting the motivation for making once more a new edition of
> Wikizine.
> Because of this I value your signs of appreciation posted here to
> convince myself it has some use what the people who make Wikizine are
> doing and to continue with it.
> There will be a Wikizine number 101. That can I promise you.
> The new goal that I have with Wikizine is to try to keep up the current
> level of quality and to try get a publication rate of at least 2
> editions a month. That is realistic and possible I believe.
> Thank you.
> Walter
> http://www.wikizine.org/

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