[Foundation-l] Wikipedia Academy Lund

Lennart Guldbrandsson wikihannibal at gmail.com
Sat Nov 15 17:30:31 UTC 2008


Now, the Wikipedia Academy in Lund has ended. A big success, as the number
of participants was double the number we had anticipated. The entire
conference was covered by three bloggers, collected here:
http://wikipediaacademy.blogspot.com/ (Swedish, but translatable for example
via Google), where there also are some pictures. Soon, some of the lectures
will be uploaded there as well. More info will also be published here, as
soon as I can catch my breath a little: it has been three hectic days for me
and the rest of the team of volunteers, but the main work was carried out by
professionals from the Lund University Library who collected a splendid list
of speakers, including one who spoke on inclusionism/exclusionism, two who
spoke on source criticism, two who spoke on the legal aspects of Wikipedia,
and several others.

This was also the release of the *new* version of "Så fungerar Wikipedia"
(roughly "How Wikipedia Works", but not the book by the three
english-speaking Wikipedians, but by me), published by a real publishing
house and not Print-on-demand. A total of 46 copies were sold, including
copies to all the speakers. This means that the book from now on will be
sold through regular channels such as Swedish internet bookshops and
ordinary book shops. It is already listed in the official library catalogue.

Best wishes,

Lennart Guldbrandsson, chair of Wikimedia Sverige and press contact for
Swedish Wikipedia // ordförande för Wikimedia Sverige och presskontakt för
svenskspråkiga Wikipedia

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