[Foundation-l] Donation banner and strongly negative reactions

Nathan nawrich at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 15:17:48 UTC 2008

Here are some areas on the English Wikipedia where the donation drive and
banner have been discussed:





It has also been discussed a few times on the #wikipedia-en IRC channel.

I don't know if other projects have had similar reactions, but I do know
that some projects have disabled the banner. It was for a time not available
on the Spanish Wikipedia, and remains unavailable (last I checked) at the
Russian Wikibooks. A quick survey of interwiki links on the en.wp Barack
Obama page suggests that most or all Wikipedia projects are displaying the
banner now.

My observation is that the comments have been almost universally negative,
and in fact a number of people - including long time administrators and
previous donors - have said that this year they will not be donating at all.
Reasons have included the banner itself, a sense that the foundation does
not use its money appropriately, or concerns related to allegations made by
Danny Wool last spring.

I don't remember this sort of strong negative reaction before - is it
expected? Are we seeing something a little different this year in terms of
reaction? Has it translated into any change in the pace of donations?


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