[Foundation-l] Brief update on board meeting

Michael Snow wikipedia at verizon.net
Tue Nov 4 06:29:23 UTC 2008

I'm almost scared to post this because it's liable to get lost in all 
the other traffic (what was that about a decline in activity on this 
list again? Not that this makes the concerns invalid, of course). But 
the board did have its scheduled meeting on IRC, and I wanted to quickly 
report some of the business we covered.

First of all, we voted to approve new Wikimedia chapters for Hungary and 
Norway. Congratulations and welcome to the new chapters! (Maybe that 
will clear up a question or two that came up in one of the other threads.)

Secondly, we approved the completed financial statements for the 2007-08 
fiscal year, as audited by KPMG. We're happy to have finished the audit 
in a successful and timely fashion and look forward to the upcoming 
fundraising drive. As a housekeeping matter, we also passed a resolution 
needed by our bank in connection with having a brokerage account (used 
to process donations of stocks).

Everyone attended and all of the resolutions passed unanimously. That's 
all I have time for right now, there's a lot going on - not just for me, 
it looks like.

--Michael Snow

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