[Foundation-l] Five more projects approved

Gerard Meijssen gerard.meijssen at gmail.com
Fri May 23 09:10:41 UTC 2008

The board of the Wikimedia Foundation approved eight new projects.

   - Portuguese Wikiversity
   - Limburgish Wikisource
   - Sranan Tongo Wikipedia
   - Silesian Wikipedia
   - Moksha Wikipedia
   - Karakalpak Wikipedia
   - Fiji Hindi Wikipedia
   - Czech Wikinews

We welcome the new projects and we urge one of the developers ANY of the
developers to create the projects and include them with a dual license
CC-by-sa / GFDL. The Wikinews project needs the CC-by license.  DO NOT COPY
ANY DATA IN. Leave that for the new communities to deal with. This will side
step the dual licensing abomination.

When you are at it PLEASE do the same for:

   - Extramaduran Wikipedia (78 days)
   - Gan Wikipedia (78 days)
   - Erzya Wikipedia (94 days)
   - Hungarian Wikinews (112 days)

There is NO reason why the Hungarian Wikinews has had to wait for so long.

It is with some mingled emotions that I welcome the new projects. I am happy
for the effort that people put into new projects, it is with fear that these
projects will suffer from a lack of involvement that prevents new projects
from being created and it is with increased frustration and anger that
people like the Hungarians have to wait. Please make not only me happy, and
help us celebrate the start of these new projects and make them a reality.

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