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Mon Jul 28 21:26:56 UTC 2008

There has been some discussions with people within newspapers, archives and libraries  in Norway to create some sort of common metadata standard so it can be harvested by Mediawiki. Especially to build "smart" reference tags, and to track news article that are on the move to a permanent newspaper archive. It seems like the "standard" will be something like Dublin Core, and some fall back solutions...

John (one of the persons..)

>2008/7/28 Gregory Maxwell <gmaxwell at gmail.com>:
>> Rather, I think we should encourage it... but we should encourage
>> doing it right by promoting extensions that provide links back to the
>> image pages, and by having mediawiki provide example HTML copy and
>> past which does the right thing.
>A lot of copy & pasting does include links to the image description
>page on our servers, which I agree should be good enough for third
>parties if it's good enough for us. But I like the idea of easy HTML
>snippets for embedding.
>What I'd also love to see is a reference implementation in MediaWiki
>of what we consider the ideal use scenario of free media from Commons
>in third party wikis: searching an image, embedding it, and making the
>metadata accessible. With the recently added foreign file repository
>support, any MediaWiki installation can now easily access images from
>Commons. It seems like the next logical step would be a cross-wiki
>search interface, perhaps similar to the one that Wikia has designed
>for its image search.
>We could then encourage makers of other content management systems to
>implement a similar mechanism to add free media to content.
>The best way to get people to do the right thing is to make it easier
>than doing the wrong thing. ;-) Fortunately, downloading and
>re-uploading an image into a CMS is more effort than having a direct
>web interface to acquire it, which should theoretically make it
>possible to pass along any metadata whenever the image is used.
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