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Andrew Lih andrew.lih at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 19:58:45 UTC 2008

Two quick notes:

- Edit this Wiki: A reminder that the community is invited to help
write the last chapter of The Wikipedia Story, details below
- Final podcasts from Wikimania 2008 are now posted to
WikipediaWeekly.org, descriptions below

-Andrew (User:Fuzheado)


"The Wikipedia Story" wiki invites Wikimedia community members to
help write the "next chapter" for Wikipedia. The result will appear
in the hardback book "The Wikipedia Story: How a bunch of nobodies
created the world's greatest encyclopedia" a nonfiction work which
will be released in January 2009 by Hyperion in the US.

Many already know I have been writing this book for over a year, after
being a community member for over five years, attending three
Wikimanias and conducting countless interviews with Wikipedians around
the world.

I'm inviting the community to collaboratively write the
last chapter as a demonstration of what the Wikipedians
can do. Details can be found here:

Link: http://wikipediastory.com/wiki/Main_Page
Recent changes: http://is.gd/16B2


Wikipedia Weekly podcasts available:

Episode 58: Wikimania 2008, Jimbo and Reflections

A two part episode:
1. Interview with Jimmy Wales, from the Windsor Palace hotel
2. Final Day-after - Reflections from a van, from Alexandria to Cairo
- Memorable moments
- Wiki-research-L mailing list revival
- Next year in Argentina
- Wikipedia Academy, for newbies

    * Phoebe Ayers
    * James Forrester
    * Austin Hair
    * Andrew Lih
    * Liam Wyatt


Podcast episodes coming soon:
- Sue Gardner, WMF
- Egyptian organizers of Wikimania 2008
- Patricio Lorente on Wikimania 2009
- Diplopedia
- Kaltura
- Javanese Wikipedia

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