[Foundation-l] Chapters Committee

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Fri Jul 25 01:26:26 UTC 2008

G'day folks,

...first time poster to the foundation list, I think - so be gentle! (and
nice to 'meet' you all!)

I noticed that the terms of a majority of the good folk on the Chapters
Committee have expired, and also understand that they're currently working
on extending these / confirming the lineup etc. - I just thought I'd state
formally on this list that this is an area I'm interested in helping out in,
and I think there's a good, clear, need for such a committee in this area...
I like to bang the drum of good communications wherever possible, and feel
that it's a rather important time for this committee, so I'd like to try and
help them getting up to date, and their message/s out there!

I've copied the committee's list because it's clearly relavent, but would
also like to ask other list members here about their appraisal of the
committee - and how folk see its role evolving....



(link for ref: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Chapters_committee )

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