[Foundation-l] Another look a bot creation of articles

Ting Chen Wing.Philopp at gmx.de
Thu Jul 24 08:22:42 UTC 2008

> Hoi,
> You may want to consider the scale of things ... when you are talking
> chemicals, proteins a number like 240 million articles can be expected.
> With such numbers you have to wonder to what extend Wikipedia can cope.

sure, and not to mention the milliards of galaxies out there that are surely slowly cataloged by the current and future telescopes. None the less they are informations. Naturally we can consider if it is not better to let the most of them in the professional database and only list a few of them, which had made to the press in the last years. On the other side, if someone is willing to write a bot to transfer these informations into wikipedia, I don't see the reason against his effort.

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