[Foundation-l] Google knol launches with CC BY default

shi zhao shizhao at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 03:09:11 UTC 2008

Google Knol  is live. It launches with CC BY default.

Mike Linksvayer say, s prior to its launch Knol was often speculatively
compared to Wikipedia, it should be noted that the default Knol license (CC
BY) could permit using Knol content in Wikipedia (with attribution of
course), but knols under more restrictive options could not be incorporated
into Wikipedia. On the other hand Wikipedia content could not be
incorporated into knols (except in the case of fair use of course), even in
the case Wikipedia migrates to CC
BY-SA<http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/8213>— Knol doesn't
offer a copyleft license.


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