[Foundation-l] At least 500 images will have to be deleted from the National Portrait Gallery

Klaus Graf klausgraf at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 22 20:46:53 UTC 2008


The following was never revoced in this list:

"[W]e've consistently held that faithful reproductions of
two-dimensional public domain works which are nothing more than
reproductions should be considered public domain for licensing

Erik Moeller at

May I also remember Jimbo Wales' Manifesto:

"5. Free the Art!

Show two 400 year old paintings.  Routinely get complaints from
museums saying there is copyright infringements.  National Portrait
Gallery of England threatens to sue, a chilling effect, but they have
no grounds."

For years there was no doubt that Bridgeman v. Corel was accepted on
Commons. It is said that British courts would'nt accept Bridgeman v.
Corel but there is no proof for this. It is true, in the contrary,
that the NY US judge has diligently discussed UK law with the result
that also according UK copyright law mere reproductions are NOT

Bridgeman vs. Corel is an essential point for Commons and for all
Wikimedia projects. This is not an issue some Commons pseudo-experts
could decide. Before 500+ pictures of PUBLIC DOMAIN PAINTINGS are to
be deleted the board of the Foundation should decide if Moeller's
quote above is still its position.

Klaus Graf

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