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Christiano Moreschi moreschiwikiman at hotmail.co.uk
Tue Jul 15 18:44:30 UTC 2008

Hmm. This is interesting. I suggest we get a posse of commons admins together to check these allegedly suspect images out systematically.


Odi profanum vulgus et arceo.

> Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 21:18:39 +0300
> From: ahonc.ua at gmail.com
> To: foundation-l at lists.wikimedia.org
> Subject: [Foundation-l] Ukrainian Wikipedia
> Hi.
> I want to tell about copyright problems in Ukrainian Wikipedia.
> (sorry for my non-pure English, I believe that somebody will understand me)
> Sysops of uk-wp abuse copyright uploading images with wrong licences. Some
> of them uploads non-free images with free licence. Other ones use fairuses
> in templates and userpages. And you may upload ANY image and put license
> {{Fairuse in}} and image will stay on Wikipedia during months.
> Many images has no source or no author information. There are also many
> images without fairuse rationale (FUR) and without sources or licences.
> There are also articles from Great Soviet Encyclopedia, Ukrainian Soviet
> Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of Ukraine, Mining Encyclopedia and others. I
> wrote some RfArb's about copyright for this books, but Arbitrators said me
> that they are not under copyright (but I don't think so).
> About images:
> In 2007, when I was sysop of uk-wp, I tagged hundreds of images and after
> few months I deleted them. After my desysoping (I think it was bureaucrats'
> mistake) we can observe "deletion wars" between sysops: one of them (Albedo)
> deleted images as no licenced and other one (A1) restored them; and last day
> they repeat. So some images was deleted and restored three times. Albedo in
> January put empty templates for fair-use rationale to hundreds of images and
> in February he was desysopped (not only for dealing with images but it was
> one of reasons). Then there was many images with nld, nsd templates, and
> nobody delete them. I told about it on the IRC channel #wikipedia-ru, but
> some of users told about this to Ukrainian admins. After it some of them spy
> upon me on IRC channels (stewards and ru) to I don't blurt out something
> about copyrights.
> So, Ukrainian Wikipedia has many images with wrong licences and some users
> reupload these images to Commons but Commons' admins deleted images. And
> users don't understand why and blame me (I am Commons' sysop). Btw, after
> this my comment:
> http://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?diff=prev&oldid=11881974 some users
> on IRC blame me: "You discredit uk-wp" and some admins don't speak with me
> after that.. Then I suffer :'(
> But last week I had some conflict with one of sysops (Turzh): he made edit
> war (twice revert my edits without comments) and then protect article. I
> wrote Arbcom request about it, but it is not accepted yet. In request I
> wrote also: "There are hundreds images with nld and nsd. Sysops must deal
> with them instead of edit warring". And then he begin "deals" with these
> images. I was wandered: on some images he replace {{nld}} with {{Fairuse
> in}}, in other ones - replaced CC-BY-SA with PD-self. Then he begins to
> upload images with license CC-BY-SA from the site sobory.ru , but author
> allows only non-commercial usage: see (OTRS ticket#2008070810020169). I ask
> that sysop to delete these images because such permission is unappropriate
> but he continued upload images. Today I ask him again to delete it (because
> images with free license maybe uploaded by any user to Commons; and I as
> Commons' sysop care about purity of project), but he said that he not
> uploaded it in Commons, it is uk-wiki, and he does what he want. Then I put
> templates {{db}} to some images but he revert tagging, protect some articles
> and blocked me for 24 hours. And he wrote ultimatum: "if somebody unblock
> Ahonc that I'll leave Wikipedia", that's why another admins fear to unblock
> me, because Turzh will leave wiki and later other users will be said about
> that sysop: "Oh, look, it is that guy, due to him Turzh left Wikipedia"...
> I suggest to emergency desysop of user Turzh (and maybe some others, i.e.
> A1, who also abuse EDP); block him for copyright abusing; unblock me.
> And also I propose to forbid upload images to uk-wp (such as in Spanish
> wiki) because sysops don't know how to deal with them.
> -- 
> Anatoliy Honcharov (Анатолій Гончаров)

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