[Foundation-l] Ethics project on Wikiversity

John McC sb_johnny at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 13 19:17:39 UTC 2008

Well, right now I think the best approach would be to just let them get it 
all "on paper" (so to speak), and once we see what they have, we can help
them decide upon the best course to follow from there. It's going to
involve a lot of time and hard work, and a bit of diligence and gentle 
nudging on our part, but I think we'll get there. Worst that can happen is 
that that their efforts fail, which would be a bummer, but not a catastrophe.

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> Subject: Re: [Foundation-l] Ethics project on Wikiversity
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> 2008/7/13 John McC <sb_johnny at yahoo.com>:
> > These guys just arrived 3 days ago, and we're
> trying to work with them to concentrate on their stated
> goals (coming up with ethical guidelines that would improve
> collaborative content creation on websites such as
> Wikipedia), rather than what they're being distracted
> by (they use the language of war to describe their
> situation).
> If they can work it out with joined-up thinking, it might
> actually be
> a net plus to the world rather than a waste of electrons,
> e.g. suggest
> a survey of the operating principles of other large wikis
> be
> completed.
> - d.


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